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Although our neighboring 24k casino gaming recently opened the gaming market, online casino gaming is still going according to the old model, ie has a monopoly position. This means that while domestic players are free to play at online casinos, advertising is not allowed. 24k casino gaming are the only companies that can legally market their services and still have a fairly free hand. However, foreign online casinos have been quite inventive, but they still manage to market their services to 24k casino gaming. They have found and exploited a few loopholes in this article, let's take a closer look.

The lottery law says that only can advertise gambling services in 24k casino. However, foreign online casinos have come up with very innovative ways to promote their services to domestic players. 24k casino gaming discovery channel are channels that are not broadcast from so for example, it is legal to display casino ads in 24k casino. Many casinos have taken advantage of this. Online casinos have also sponsored many gaming teams, athletes and events. For example, the familiar joker it team has received support from an online casino and even the casino logos have been seen in the players' shirt.

Later, the logos had to be removed, but the jokers continued to work with the 24k casino casino. Many public figures have also acted as speakers of casinos and have been involved in pr events. The series, on the other hand, showed a tenth series a few years ago, focusing on betting. Some foreign 24k casino casinos have also stuck ice with the stick and violated the law directly. Even 24k casino itself has been criticized and fined for its questionable advertising. For example, it sent a love letter to its customers asking them to play. However, this was already crossing the border and 24k casino got a wrist stroke.